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Nemesis Litigation Funding

“Someone’s ‘Nemesis’ is a person or a thing that is very difficult for them to defeat.”
Cambridge Dictionary

What is Nemesis Litigation Funding?

Our mission is to provide financing and resources to plaintiffs and law firms, letting them pursue actions against counterparties to recover losses.

We are the first international third-party litigation funder that specializes in blockchain cases, including ICO/IDO and DeFi fraud, bankruptcy claims, crypto theft, and several others. 

Nemesis provides plaintiffs and law firms the financial resources and strategic support needed to help ensure complex blockchain legal disputes are resolved and their interests are protected.

We focus on

  • Purchase of Fraudulent Cryptocurrencies
  • Bankruptcies and Administration
  • Smart Contract Disputes
  • Shareholder Disputes
  • Class Actions
  • IP Infringement & Tort
  • D&O Insurance Litigation
  • Misuse of Investment Proceeds

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