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Our mission is to provide financing and value-added resources to plaintiffs who suffer losses in the Crypto and Blockchain industry, and provide them with access to justice by pursuing legal actions against counter parties.

Led by Blockchain, Crypto, and Litigation Funding experts, Nemesis is the first international litigation funder that specializes in blockchain-related cases, including ICO/IDO and DeFi fraud, bankruptcy claims, crypto theft, and more.

Nemesis provides plaintiffs and law firms the financial resources and strategic support needed to help ensure complex blockchain legal disputes are resolved and their interests are protected.

Our Primary Goals


To give claimants access to financing, legal expertise, and specialists to recover funds.


Provide value by extending specialised knowledge and experience.


Present a unique value proposition at no risk to clients.

What are our main focus areas?


Purchase of Fraudulent Cryptocurrencies


Bankruptcies & Administrator Filing


Smart Contract Disputes


Misuse of Investment Proceeds

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